Who Is Jordyn Woods? And Why Is She Famous?

Who is Jordyn Woods?

Jordyn was originally best known as the best friend of socialite Kylie Jenner. However after spectacularly falling out with each other, Jordyn branched off on her own. Kylie and her famous sisters accused Jordyn of having an affair with Kylie’s sister khloé’s boyfriend. Khloé was heavily pregnant with her first child at the time. Jordyn first denied it before revealing the part she played in her dalliance with Tristan Thompson.

Jordyn Woods

All the blame fell on Jordyn and she was banished from the Kardashian inner circle. Putting the drama behind her Jordyn has moved on with boyfriend basketball player Karl-Anthony.


However the Kardashians aren’t her only famous acquaintances. She is life long friends with Jayden Smith, son of will and Jada Smith.

Jordyn Woods Carrer

Since cutting ties with the Kardashians Jordyn has gained her own fame. Most recently launching her own collection with popular online retailer ‘pretty little thing’.


Speaking of the collection Jordyn said:

‘What I love about this collection is that it’s different than anything I have ever done.

It’s a lot more fun and out there, and I think it’s a good time for people to just have fun with what they’re wearing.’

This isn’t Jordyn Woods first venture into fashion. In 2016 Jordyn launched Boohoo X Jordyn Woods. At the time she told BET:

“The inspiration for this collection was really about creating something more fun and bright especially for summer,”

She added, “With my new collection, I wanted to offer size-inclusive pieces with designs that reflect my personal style. I hope this collection empowers women and encourages them to dream big.”

In October 2019 Jordyn launched her own range of hair extensions with brand easolocks. The synthetic hair range offered an affordable alternative to luxury extention ranges.

Stay tuned and find out what’s next for the socialite!

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