Who Is Ivorian Doll? What Is She Known For?

Who Is Ivorian Doll?

Ivorian Doll shot to internet fame after starting up a YouTube channel. Her story time videos quickly gained traction, which gave her thousands of views. Ivorian Doll real name Vanessa Mahi, also earned herself a reputation of creating drama amongst influencers. Breaking away from YouTube, Ivorian  has created her own lane in drill music. Her single ‘Romours has racked in millions of views, aye going viral on major social media platforms.

Who Is Ivorian Doll? – Controversy

Ivorian Doll has had an on ongoing fued with ex friend and fellow influencer, Renee AKA Msrfabulous. The pair fell out after Renee learnt Vanessa had allegedly been talking behind her back. The online spat has seen the pair expose personal details about each other.

Who Is Ivorian Doll

Lady leshur’s song ‘ Horrid’ released in 2019 May have been provocation towards Vanessa. In the lyrics Leshur says:

‘My flows are always hot like LA
Bruck down any puta and esse
I’ll come through like Renee
It’ll be stress, too much headache
Taking off wigs, it’ll get messy’

In retaliation IVD released a daily duppy, which lyrics included insults toward Renne and Leshur.

Who is Ivorian Doll

In Early December IVD took to her social media to express her troubles with her recording contract. According to Vanessa she has need tricked into signing a bad contract. She also hinted that she no longer owned the rights to n her stage name ‘Ivorian Doll’. She tweeted:

‘Before I met my manager Jpl i was contacted by my old Management finesse forever that this man called Oliver Ashley wanted to meet me.. I was skeptical because of his reputation .. he owned radar radio and I heard about all the horrible things they was doing to young people.’

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