Who is Chloe Bailey? Boyfriend, Work and More

Who is Chloe Bailey?

Along with her sister Halle Bailey, Chloe forms one-half of the pop-r&b duo Chloe x Halle.

The duo is signed to Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment record label but as a solo act, she is known as Chloe.

At the ages of 13 and 11, the sisters launched a YouTube channel – and made a video covering Beyonce’s song Best Thing I Never Had.

They first performed as Chloe x Halle when uploading covers of pop songs onto their channel.

In April 2012, the duo made their talk show debt when they appeared on The Ellen Show.

Who is Chloe Bailey?

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During a Instagram live Q&A Chloe made remarks on her relationship status.

“Honestly I don’t. . .I can’t talk to multiple people at one time like that. I just. . .I don’t have it in me. Can’t do it. I cannot.”

She continued: “I don’t know if it’s the Cancer in me, but right now it’s my music. Music is my man. I come home to him every single night and I love it. He’s faithful to me.”

“He loves me. He makes me promises he can keep. We are making our dreams come true together. So I’m in love. . . I’m in love right now with music.” the singer concluded.

Is Chloe Bailey dating the YSL rapper Gunna?

Rumors surfaced when Gunna was spotted at the Atlanta Hawks vs. Dallas Mavericks with Chloe.

Who is Chloe Bailey?

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Fans questioned if the two were dating after photos were posted online of the pair sitting courtside on October 21 2021.

However, Gunna told Billboard there wasn’t anything romantic between him and Chloe.

“We’re not dating,” he said.

“That was just like a date where you go to the game and catch a vibe. But she’s my friend.”

They have since filmed a music video together looking rather close. Furthermore the pair were rumoured to have shared valentines day together, further sparking relationship rumours.

Chloe took to Instagram Live to talk about her current dating situation.

“I feel like everybody wants to know about my love life. My love life is music, darling,” Chloe said.

Chloe on comparing her to sister Haile

Chlöe Bailey told the publication that a downside to their fame is that people often try to pit them against each other.

“I hate when people online constantly try to compare my sister and I. It is the most shallow, most disturbing thing,” she said. “It was very off-putting to know how people would try to put two young Black sisters who love their craft so much and love each other so much, how they try to pit them against each other just because they’re different in some ways.”

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