Wayne Lineker – Who is he? Why Is He Famous?

Wayne Lineker, 58, is the younger brother of former professional footballer Gary Lineker OBE, and he’s become a public figure off the back of his hugely popular night club empire.
Ocean Beach club is  iconic with its renowned end of season parties. The club welcomes over 200,000 visitors a season as well as some of the biggest names in the celebrity world, with love Island allumni always in attendance.

Dating life

Wayne lineker

In 2020 Wayne Lineker announced he was on the look out for a girlfriend. Sharing a selfie with his 500k+ followers, Wayne told of how his family have decided he needs a girlfriend.

He wrote: “So, my family have decided I need a girlfriend for my own sanity and health…so here’s my criteria.

“Ok – Let’s start this off like I’m normal: Strong nice loving personality.”

In November 2019 he split from 26-year-old model Danielle Sandhu.

Wayne lineker

Shortly after announcing his desire for a new lady love, Wayne posted a video showing him choosing his “dream doll” which was filmed at his club in Ibiza.

Wayne Lineker boasted: “It’s time to pick which dream doll I’m taking out on a date”.

The rejected girls were unceremoniously shoved in the chest and fall into the pool.

Then the winner was rewarded a hug before the pair were filmed strolling into the sunshine.

Former Love Island contestant Katie Salmon was apparently the lucky winner, as she exclaimed: “Obviously I’m the champion”.

Wayne lineker With  Ex Girlfriend ir

Wayne Lineker – Who is he? Why Is He Famous?

The 58 year old, has also had to deal with an outbreak of COVID29 at his beloved Lineker’s bar in Ibiza.

The outbreak resulted in Liniker closing all his venues in his Lineker’s Group for the remainder of 2020.

He posted to his Instagram:

“For the first time in 9 years of @obeachibiza history I won’t be at the closing party…

“I have left Ibiza today beaten and battered…literally couldn’t take any more.

“If I stayed I would just be an emotional wreck at closing… we need to tall…

“So Ibiza lovers Lets look forward now to #ibiza2021 the comeback will be spectacular #wetriedourbes.”

In a post on Instagram, he wrote: “️ @borisjohnsonuk you are single handed destroying every single bar owner and restaurant business in the UK.

“80% of bar takings are between the hours of 10pm till 1am. What is wrong with you?

“Why are we more likely to catch the virus between 10pm and 1am than down the pub on a packed Sunday afternoon at 3pm watching the footy…

“You took away by introducing quarantine all the tourist businesses in Spain to give to the bar and pub owners in the Uk tourist resorts and now you just wipe them out like it’s just a game… you make no sense.”

Wayne Liniker has three daughters and one son, namely Duane, Sean, Tia, and Freddie. They are currently 33, 30, 19, and 13 years old, respectively.