Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

Gemma Collins shot to fame after appearing on reality TV show The only way is Essex. Since her stint on TOWIE she’s opened her own clothing boutique in Essex. And if that isn’t enough Gemma can also be found hosting her own podcast on radio one. Here’s s a list of favourite GC qoutes.

1. Hair

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

“This is very expensive hair. It’s fucking frazzled because you’ve only got straighteners in here, you haven’t got heated rollers. Straighteners are what fucking weirdos use on their hair”

2. Gifts

“My nephew asked me what I’d like for Christmas. I said a life time supply of toilet rolls because I’ve been so busy recently the amount of times I’ve gone in there and been caught short. The more famous I become, the more normal I need things around me.”

3. Social Media

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

Hun, we ain’t living in the Truman Show. It’s not perfect every day”

The Instagram and the way everything’s being portrayed, you’ve gotta live this perfect life

4. Wellbeing

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

“If you’re feeling tired and you hug a tree, you can get the most amazing energy. Just calm your mind, ground your feet on the grass, hug that tree – and you will get the most amazing vibrations from the tree.”

Top 10 Gemma Collins quotes

5. Self care

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

I always make sure I have a handheld mirror – just in case you get any bogeys up your nose and you’re talking to someone.”

6. Fashion

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

 ‘You know what, Lady Gaga don’t explain her outfits, nor does Celine Dion and nor does the GC.’

7. Love yourself

‘I am every woman! I’ve got brains, beauty and booty, and if they’re not gonna come and grab this up well then… whatever!’

8. Tanning

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

 ‘Have a spray tan, it will change your life’

9. Relationships

“None of my boyfriends have ever had driving licences because they’ve all been dodgy…”

10. Celebrity

Top 10 Gemma Collins Quotes

Sometimes with the job I do – with people fluffing about you – you think you’re Mariah Carey sometimes.”