Top 10 Black Mirror Episodes That Relate To Social Media

Top 10 Black Mirror episodes

Black mirror is a anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. The theme of the episodes usually centre around technological advanced utopian futures. Consequently the series gives the audience a glimpse of how the future could be.

1. NosediveTop 10 Black Mirror episodes

We live in an age where social media can be an addiction. For instance millions post on instagram, Facebook and twitter for validation. Nosedive takes the subject of social media and brings it to the extreme. What if the amount of social media likes you receive impacts the job you can have or where your allowed to live? This episode answers those questions and, in conclusion shows us all we are not far from this becoming our reality.

2. The entire history of you

Top 10 Black Mirror episodes

How many of us have replayed a moment in our head? Constantly questioning situations and past moments? In the entire history of you humans have eye implants that can replay every moment of their life. Unfortunately for the lead character, things should be best left unseen.

3. 15 million merits

Top 10 Black Mirror episodes

This episode is about a society trapped in media and can be summed up as a commentary on hypocrisy. It holds a mirror up to the audience. We as an audience watch this entertainment that criticise our society, but won’t do anything about it.

4. Hated in the nation

The theme of this episode is consequence. We live in the age of trolling and cyber bullying. People hide behind their screens and Bully relentlessly on various social media platforms, with seemingly no consequences. But what if there were consequences? Be careful of the hate you put into the world.

Top 10 Black Mirror episodes

5. USS Callister

This episode centres around a group of people trapped in a virtual reality game. Sims, Minecraft and many other games have potential to develop beyond realms of possibility.

6. Striking vipers

The story centres around a new VR game so imersive it includes all senses. In reality we aren’t far from this technology. Virtual reality is advancing everyday. In striking vipers the lead protagonists use this technology for acting out scenarios they fear of in their reality.

7. Metal Head

Drones are taking over! Well not exactly. Metal head is set in a future where factory drones have turned on humans. Similar to a quiet place, only they can see not hear.

8. The waldo moment

The story centres around a blue cartoon bear Waldo, and his efforts to become an MP. It sounds absurd, but if Donald Trump can be president…. Certainly anything is possible.

9. Smithereens

The premise of this episode is responsibility. The lead protagonist blames a large corporation for a mistake he made. Instead of facing the results of he’s actions he causes havoc in the hopes of fleeing his responsibility.

10. Arkangel

Arkangel is set in a dystopia future, wheo kids eye sight is linked to their parents computer. Essentially parents can log in and stream what their child is doing at all times. The reason for  the device is to ensure safety. It makes me think of the lengths government will go to, to ensure our safety. And at what cost.

Top 10 Black Mirror episodes