Tion Wayne Controversy

Tion Wayne Controversy has hit social after replying to a viral tweet. Popular twitter account mim the music blogger posted:

‘Name me one UK rapper that dated a black girl ??? I wanna see something :)’

Tion Wayne replied to the tweet:

‘Me and look where that got me. Rappers take note’

Seemingly his reply is in reference to his outspoken ex girlfriend Lani Good. Lani famously announced she had ‘bad boy piece of information’ on him, and has been on his case ever since. The information turned out to intimate details of their relationship, and dect he incurred during that time.

Tion Wayne Controversy

After receiving backlash to his banter he tweeted the following:

‘But yh it was a joke i apologise black woman to the worllld and back’

‘You think I can ever stop loving black woman 😂 u lot don’t try me I just mad a joke about one bad situation calm down mate every girlfriend I’ve ever had is black bye’

Whilst Tion has seemingly tried to avoid Controversy, he’s always entangled in drama. Earlier this week video footage emerged of the rapper having a heated exchange on board a flight from Dubai. The altercation was with felow musician headie one.

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Tion Wayne Controversy
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