Threads How To Use Guide

Threads How To Use Guide

To use Threads, the new text app by Instagram, follow these steps:

1. Download Threads from Instagram and log in using your Instagram account. Use your existing username and verification or customize your profile.

2. Follow people you want to share text updates with and discover new creators with similar interests. You can also see recommended content from apps like Mastodon and WordPress.

3. Create a thread by tapping the plus icon at the bottom. Write up to 500 characters and attach links, photos, videos, or carousels. Customize who can mention or reply to you.

4. Share your thread with followers and participate in public conversations. You can also share it on your Instagram story or other platforms. Utilize your Instagram account to promote and enhance your Threads presence. As Threads allows you to log in with your Instagram account, leverage your current Instagram audience to expand your Threads following. Share Threads posts on your Instagram stories, add a link to your Threads profile in your Instagram bio or posts, and invite your Instagram followers to join you on Threads and follow you there.

5. Browse your feed to see threads from people you follow and engage with them through reactions or comments. Use the search function to find topics and trends.

6. Enjoy Threads’ positive and creative space. Utilize safety and user controls to filter unwanted replies or report inappropriate content.

Threads, which is designed to rival Twitter as a platform for sharing text updates and joining public conversations. Threads are linked to Instagram, which is also owned by Meta and works in a very similar way to Twitter.

Can Threads be monetized?

As of now, Threads by Instagram does not have a direct way to monetize your content on the app. Meta, the company that owns Instagram and Threads, has indicated that it will not monetize Threads this year, but left open the door for ads in the future.

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