The Kardashian effect on beauty standards

The Kardashian effect on beauty standards, style and cosmetic procedures on society and today’s generation

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is one of the most influential and controversial families in the world. They have millions of followers on social media, a successful reality show, and multiple business ventures. But they are also known for their dramatic transformations over the years, thanks to various cosmetic procedures and treatments.

The ‘Dash Effect

According to a U.K. cosmetic surgery group, Transform, there has been a 73 percent increase in inquiries from patients citing Kardashian family members as inspirationThey call this phenomenon the “Dash Effect”. And say that after Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip fillers in 2015, they received a 700 percent rise in inquiries about the procedure overnight.

American plastic surgeons have also seen a similar surge in requests for procedures to look like the famous sisters. Dr. Saul Lahijani, CEO of the Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery, says that more young women want the same glamorous looks of Kim and Khloé. Dr. Marc Mani, another Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, says that girls all over the world look up to them for how they should lookHe says women come in all the time requesting to be transformed into Kourtney, Kim and Kylie – specifically asking for Kylie Jenner’s lips and Kim Kardashian’s butt1.

The impact on society and today’s generation

The Kardashian family’s style and cosmetic procedures have undoubtedly influenced many people’s perception of beauty and self-image. Some may argue that they are empowering women to embrace their curves, enhance their features, and express their individuality. Others may criticize them for setting unrealistic standards, promoting vanity, and encouraging insecurity.

The truth is, there is no definitive answer to whether the Kardashian effect is positive or negative. It depends on how each person views themselves and their choices. Some may find inspiration and confidence from following their idols. While others may feel pressured and dissatisfied with their own appearance.

What is important is that everyone should make informed and responsible decisions about their own body and health. Cosmetic procedures and treatments are not without risks and complications, and they are not a substitute for self-love and acceptance. As Dr. Mani advises, “All surgical and nonsurgical interventions should make you look and feel like a better version of yourself and not like someone else.”

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