Steve Harvey And Kanye West Link Up

Steve Harvey is in the headlines after being spotted with rapper Kanye West. However Steve Harvey has caught the eye of the internet for his unsightly bulge in the picture Kanye posted to his social media.  Users on twitter described the bulge as a ‘moose knuckle’ and ‘camel toe’. Many eagle eyed twitter users also spotted a plastic bag hanging out of Steve Harvey’s pocket. Many have speculated that the bag make contain alleged cannabis. One twitter user joked

‘Steve Harvey got an eighth in his pocket I’m done’

Steve Harvey

Kanye has been surrounded in Controversy after publicly announcing he considered aborting his first child.

In statements made during a campaign rally Kanye said:

‘I almost killed my daughter!’ ‘My girlfriend called me screaming, crying. I’m a rapper. And she said, “I’m pregnant.” She was crying.’

Steve Harvey And Kanye West Link Up

He added: his girlfriend at the time KimKKardashian ‘had the pills in her hand’, he continued: ‘My screen went black and white. And God said, “If you f*** with my vision, I f*** with yours”. And I called my girlfriend and said, “We’re going to have this child.”

‘Even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into this world, when I did not want to.’

Steve Harvey

Furthermore West added: ‘No Plan B. There is Plan A.’

He went on to say: “The only thing that can free us is by obeying the rules that were given to us for a promised land,” he said. “Abortion should be legal because guess what? The law is not by God anyway, so what is legality?”

Following the outburst Kanye has an outpouring of support from fans. Comedienne Dave Chappelle was seen at Kanyes hideout ranch and even posed for a video. Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian has also been seen with the ‘Gold digger’ rapper since his outburst.

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