Steflondon Dutchavelli Drama

Steflondon Dutchavelli drama

UK rapper Steflondon has been receiving backlash after seemingly supporting her brother Dutchavelli. Last week Dutchavelli hit headlines after his social media accounts were hacked. In one of his leaked conversation the rapper allegedly exchanged flirty messages with a 15 year old. The 15yr old is rumoured to be the niece of his former manager. Im the audio message Dutchavelli is heard discussing having children with the teen.

The brother of the unnamed teenager has now leaked a conversation he had with Steflondon. In the messages Stef urges him to tell the truth and expresses her feelings for how the situation has been handled.

Dutchavelli has also spoken on the Controversy. He posted to his instagram that the allegations are a misunderstanding and the teenagers mother can cooperate.

Steflondon Dutchavelli Drama

Twitter reacts to the latest update

‘The 14/5 yr old girl is his late manager’s niece, someone asked Steff about it & she admitted their relationship is inappropriate, 3 days later Dutch comes out with a story & the “mum” is backing Dutchavelli… only logical explanation is a NDA & hush money’

‘I swear Steff was going at Nicki and sending shots about her bro being a pedo lol. Looks like they both share that similarity now🤧.’

‘Dutchavelli is pushing 30 years old asking a 14 year old to spend the night at his? And steff is defending him? I don’t even need to explain how wrong this is. Vile people. A groomer and and enabler.’

Someone said Steff is cancelled for defending DutchRkelly 🤣🤣

Steff London and and princessdiamz are actually so wrong for defending dutchavelli saying the 14 year old girls cousin has mental health problems to try and discredit him because dutchavelli is a nonce. Disgusting behaviour, steff has a kid as well 🤢

‘I always found it weird how Dutch would film Steff twerking in the kitchen. That’s your sister bro. 🙆🏿’