Social Media Influencers and dodgy sponsorships

Social Media Influencers

Social Media is finally combating the sponsord content on their platforms. You don’t have to be on instagram long to stumble upon a geordie shore cast member flogging laxatives. The posts are usually captioned with ramblings, about how much weight they’ve lost as a result of this special tea / gummies.

They however fail to mention the liposuction and BBL prosedures they’ve had to achieve their look. And also they fail to mention the adverse effects of the products their promoting. If the price is right they will sell you anything.

Social Media impact

Now instagram is ‘cleaning house’ in hopes to see a positive change. Over the past few years instagram and Social Media in general have become similar to a nightmare school play ground.

Social Media Influencers

“The biggest impact of Instagram is the content,” said Renee Engeln, a psychology professor at Northwestern University. “The exposure to this constant stream of perfected images is what seems to hurt psychologically.”

To combat the constant stream of perfection instagram are removing heavily altered filters. This is a great step in the right direction. When I log into instagram I see the same clothes advertised and style.

Every other woman in Social Media looks like a varient of Kylie jenner or Kim kardashian. What happend to individuality? When un edited pictures appear online they are immediately rediculed. Nothing seems to me be done with online bullying. Trolls are running rampant, with zero consequences.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said the ban was about promoting wellbeing.

What do changes in instagram mean for influencers?

There is still a plethora of image perfecting apps such as facetune they can still use. And as for dodgy promotions? Well marni and the rest of the geordie shore gang won’t be out of questionable tat to flog anytime soon. And for now influencers will continue to sell you items they get for free.

Social Media Influencers