Selfridges To Offer Clothes For Rent

Selfridges are the latest retailer to feel the strain of the COVID crisis. In hopes to stay afloat Selfridges are now offering customers the option to rent designer items. This tactic can be a great pull in attractting a younger demographic. Those who may not have the means to afford Gucci or Chanel.

Global managing director of Selfridges Group, Anne Pitcher, said: Consumption habits have been ‘broken by the pandemic’, with customers taking greater consideration of the environmental impact of their shopping choices.


She said: ‘Supporting change in the way people shop is essential to building a more sustainable business.’ The company is also committing to using materials from certified, sustainable sources across its products by 2025.

Selfridges To Offer Clothes For Rent

Similarly John Lewis are also keen on offering their services on a rental basis.

Johnathan Marsh, director of home at John Lewis said. ‘Renting furniture offers customers ‘the flexibility to enjoy living with a bold, trend-led piece of furniture that they may not want for ever’. With ‘the peace of mind that they are making more sustainable choices’.


Fat Llama’s co-founder and chief executive, Chaz Englander said: ‘As we have seen in the US, renting furniture instead of owning it is becoming the new normal for Millennials. A generation moving house every 12 months.

‘With this being our first step into furniture rental, it was important for us to find a partner that could supply high quality furniture at scale. John Lewis could not have been a better fit.’

With fast fashion becoming ever Problematic could clothes for hire be the solution?

Speaking on the environmental factors of fast fashion Daniella Vega at Selfridges said:

“For a multi-brand retailer like Selfridges, to set targets like this is a big deal. And we won’t be able to do it alone. ” said Daniella Vega, Selfridges’ sustainability group director, at a media launch for the new strategy last week.