Renne Aka msrfabulous Trends on Twitter

Renne Aka msrfabulous trends on twitter after fellow youtuber drags her. Renne is best known for her popular story time videos on social media site YouTube. Most recently she has opened up with her struggles recovering from a BBL procedure gone wrong. She has been seemingly quite on the platform as she recovers and spreads awareness on the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

In an emotional video Reene expressed her regrets:

‘Please say no to surgery unless it’s life or death. You can achieve what you want by going to the gym… I’m sorry for any harm or any influence I’ve caused to you lot to go and do surgery.’

Renne Aka msrfabulous Trends on Twitter

The YouTuber is now trending after fellow influencer Oluwa blanco went on a live video to drag Renne. In Blancos rant she states she has no issues with Renee, then proceeds to’drag’ her. There’s no clear reason for the twitter war, and Renne seems clueless to why she has been attacked. Renne tweeted the following response:

‘I don’t know this girl I have never met her never had a conversation with her I would watch her YouTube videos so I’m very confused this is unprovoked’ 😂😂

‘Just drag me in person this internet shit isn’t me no more I got brands watching me I ain’t fucking up no sponsorship for no aunty that don’t like me’ 😛😴

Rennes Aka msrfabulous trends Twitter reacts

Many twitter users were surprised at the recent conflict on the time lines, and reacted hilariously.

‘omg renee cant be going against the same oluwa blanco who threatened to stop a girls period for 40 nights and 40 days… sometimes you have to pick your battles wisely’

‘Oluwa blanco just proved “there’s always someone bigger and badder than you” Renee really thought she had the whole of London on ropes. Tonight she had a rude awakening.’


Renne Aka msrfabulous Trends on Twitter

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