Panic Buying – Corona Sparks Fear In Shoppers

Panic Buying always strikes Britain in time of crisis, or Christmas or Easter. Actually the slight chance of a bread shortage and panic often ensues. The Corona virus is picking up the pace, with more UK confirmed cases.

Panic Buying

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement: ‘It is highly likely that we will see a growing number of UK cases,’ he said. ‘It sets out the steps that we could take at the right time and on the basis of scientific advice.’

Many people have taken to twitter to show off their panic Buying. One twitter account had a huge stock pile of antibacterial wipes and hand gel. The twitter user bragged that they had cleared out the last of the stock on their high street.

Panic Buying are out stock of antibacterial products and surgical masks. Ocado has emailed customers to warn it is running out of home delivery slots due to ‘exceptionally high demand’ and ‘particularly large orders’. Lidl have said it is ‘experiencing a significant increase in demand for durable products and disinfectants’.

Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, said in a statement: ‘At this stage supply chains have experienced disruption but there is no evidence of significant disruption to food supplies.’

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