Not3s Allegedly Cheats On Pregnant Girlfriend

Not3s Allegedly Cheats On Pregnant Girlfriend.

UK rapper Not3s has hit headlines after allegedly cheating on pregnant girlfriend Aliyah Rae. He is best known for his hits ‘fine Line’ and ‘my lover’. Youtuber Yaas took to social media to let her followers know Not3s was interested in rekindling their previous romance.

On Sunday (Sept 20) Aliyah , 25, took to Instagram to share the news that she and Not3s are having a baby. It must have come as a surprise to see Yass video. Yaas who runs a youtube channel with her sister, released the following video in her defence.

Twitter reacted in shock that Aliyah would be cheated on  even with her model looks.

Clapped men that cheat on women out of their league for the trash next door bc their INSECURE mf’s! Never date below ur standards these ‘men’ don’t know how to handle a high quality women. Aliyah tho 😍😍😍

But from what I’ve read on here… High calibre ladies like Aliyah should be going for high value men…I’m not even talking about money when I say ‘high value’. High value as in morals, belief system, ethos and ethics.

Not3s Allegedly Cheats On Pregnant Girlfriend

Yas experienced a lot of heat, after exposing her alleged affair with Not3s.

‘As tapped as this girl is, why are more people mad at her than the guy himself 💀’

‘I mean…she did leave her pregnant sis to go get dicked down, do you think she’ll care about Aliyah’

‘Messy but tbh that has nothing to do with it. Not3s shouldn’t have put any girl in the position to embarrass Aliyah like this and that’s that.’

‘I feel sorry for Aliyah because how did not3s attempt to cheat & FAIL then get exposed of your failure. 💀😭 if you gon cheat at least be successful at it damn. I’m just sayinnn

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