Nelly Nude Video Leaks Online

Nelly Nude Video Leaks Online

Rapper Nelly has been left red faced after x rated video is uploaded to instagram. In a unfortunate blunder it seems Nelly himself uploaded the video!

Although the video was swiftly deleted, nothing truly deletes online. Unfortunately for nelly the brief moment the video was posted, was enough. His post has quickly circulated on socials and has resulted in shock responses.

Nelly Nude Video Leaks Online Twitter reacts

‘Now Nelly, boy if you don’t go somewhere with that little thing. Sure you posted that “by mistake.”

‘Sis didn’t need those hands for Nelly. She could have EASILY used all mouth and called it a day.’

‘Love how cocky Nelly was a minute after realizing his dick was all over the internet 😂😂 Shrugging it off and laughing while he shows it to Kevin’

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