Murad Merali Responds To Allegations

Murad Merali Responds To Allegations

Merali has recently taken to his Youtube channel to address the allegations of racism and s*x work.

Downcast Murad first starts by making clear truth from speculation.

‘Everything needs to be addressed with immediate effect. With immediate effect. First of all, most The written content is not me. Derogatory comments are not written by me. This is not who I am.

Some of this content is also not me. And I can profusely apologize and take full accountability for this.

‘Some of this content is me. Not recently but in the last five years, six years.’

He proceeds to say;

‘I don’t know how I’m going to say all of this but I’m just going to speak from the heart and to speak it on the camera and just talk.’

Murad goes on to make clear that the racist text used was not written by him. He says;

‘These screenshots associated with these pictures of these vile racist verbiages that have been used are not written by me. This is not done by me in any capacity and this needs to be made abundantly clear. With full force. Immediately, all of this needs to be addressed. I did not write this stuff.’

People make their own captions, they mix it with their own pictures for their own satisfaction. Their own desires with their own fantasies, and ideations whatever they have and they put it together for their own mental satisfaction, for whatever desire that they have as a person.’

Murad merali

Murad Merali Responds To Allegations

Murad then gives a brief history leading to his past work.

He says;

‘Everybody deserves a proper explanation and timeline of everything. And that is what I’m going to do. Now some of this information that I’m going to reveal, I did not want to reveal. But I’ve had no choice now but to reveal this. Because I need to reveal it and it needs to come from my heart to everybody.’

He then reveals s!xual assaults he endured as a 14 yr old child.

‘Nobody knew. And I said to myself, I want to do over the fuck. I need to do. To get out of this place, or it’s going to happen again to me. He said.

He continued;

‘So I did just that. I developed these fetishes. This foot fetish. I developed it through what happened to me and I needed to make money. That was my only goal to make money to make money to make money. All it was all about money, money money, money money. Because money is what I needed to get out of the place that I was being brutally, fucking raped in.

‘This is the truth.  He says;

‘This is, this is who I am. This is, who Murad murali is, and I’m saying it to you now, and I want to be transparent about every fucking little thing because this is who I am. This is why’

His shocking and emotional revelation can be viewed on his Youtube channel in its entirety.

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Murad Merali Responds To Allegations

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