Murad Merali Controversial Past Revealed?

Murad Merali Controversial Past Revealed?

Popular YouTube star Murad Merali has been accused of exchanging offensive race play conversations and acts online.

Merali gained popularity through his consistent love island commentary over the past years. He steadily developed a following and reputation for ‘spilling tea’. His attention to the issues surrounding black women’s struggles within love island and other spaces proved him to be an ally amongst POC.

However, revelations on Twitter may cast doubt on the character of Mr Merali.

In a sleuth of unearthed screenshots, videos and photos, it is alleged that Murad engages in race play. Whereby the use of racially derogatory language is used for s%xual gratification.

In the past Murad has called out influencers and celebrities for racism and unsavoury activities. During 2021 love Island episode, white contestant Faye rested her legs on fellow contestant Teddy. Murad tweeted his shock at Fayes actions.

Murad merali

‘Teddy are you a foot stool? Are you a table? Are you confused? #loveisland’

A stark contrast to the allegations surrounding his foot fetish.

Unsurprisingly these allegations have come as quite a shock to many.

Remember however shocking the allegations, having a kink is not a crime. #be kind. And the allegations are speculative at this point.

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