Molly-Mae Transformation – Gets Lip Fillers Dissolved

Molly-Mae Transformation

The show has been so successful its seen other versions spring up in Australia and USA. Many contestants if the show go on to secure brand deals and reality TV appearances, on shows such as dancing on ice and Towie. But there are other perks of joining the show… Free cosmetic surgery.

Molly-Mae Transformation

2019 contestant Molly-Mae has admitted to getting jaw filler when she was only 18 yrs old. Speaking on her social media , Molly-Mae explained: ‘I didn’t tell my mum the first time I had fillers because I was petrified of what she was going to say.

‘But when I actually had them done, she noticed, she’s my mum… I wish I listened to my mum more about fillers because it’s something I had to change.

Speaking of the results the influencer added:

‘What it did was make it look bigger. It looked like I had jowls. I had ‘square head’, ‘blockhead’.

‘People called me Quagmire from [Family Guy]. The worst one is that I look like an X-Box controller!’.

Molly-Mae Transformation – Gets Lip Fillers Dissolved

In July 2020 during an instagram Q&A Molly was asked if she had lip fillers. The Love island runner up replied:

“I do, yes, but I have been thinking recently that I want to get them dissolved. I’m not sure anymore, I’m just not feeling it anymore. I’ve had all my other filler dissolved, so I’m thinking I might just go ahead and get my lips dissolved, but I have literally got no lips…”

She then demonstrated how thin her lips would be without fillers.

“I don’t think you guys understand, If i was to get my lips dissolved my lips would literally be like this…I’m not joking, I have no lips without filler, so…I need to have a little think about that one.”

Molly-Mae Transformation

sharing with her 4.9 million followers in October, Molly-Mae told the camera: “So, guys, someone may have had their full lip fillers dissolved today.

“That someone may have been me.”

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