Molly Mae Celebrates 21st With Lavish Suprise

Molly Mae Shocks Fans after sharing pictures and videos of her lavish lockdown birthday celebration. Tommy Mollys boyfriend surprised her by transforming there apartment. Tommy covered their modern apartment with numerous pink streamers and balloon. He also showers Molly with gifts. It seems Molly Mae doting boyfriend surprised her with a puppy for her birthday and Cartier ring, amongst other gifts.

Molly Mae

Adoring fans reacted to the cute display on twitter:

‘molly mae has the perfect life, her birthday looks incredible. can someone buy me a dog for my birthday pls xxxx’

‘where do I find a boyf like Tommy Fury cos his insta stories prepping Molly Mae’s bday is just the cutest’

‘It really upsets me that molly mae and I are the same age but she looks like how she does and I look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards’

Molly Mae

Tommy and Molly-Mae met on last year’s love island. Fans of the show doubted Mollys authenticity and named her ‘money Mae’ subsequently the duo ended the series in 2nd place behind winner Amber Gill. Since leaving love island the loved up pair have moved in together, further cementing their relationship. You can regularly catch the couple on Mollys youtube channel where they give a tour of their modern flat.

Molly Mae

Yesterday Molly pointed out that a well known site had her birth date wrong, resulting in her receiving early birthday wishes. Molly wrote: “Thank you so much for all the lovely messages but my birthday is incorrect online. It’s tomorrow!!”

“Thank you though to everyone that’s messaged me already,” she continued, adding a laughing face emoji and a love heart.