Makeup Brushes For Beginners

Makeup brushes for Beginners

Makeup brushes can make or break the application of makeup. Theres no point having the best makeup if the execution is all wrong. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen poorly blended contour. I think it’s best to apply makeup with fingertips instead of a bad brush set. The worst brushes leave bristles all over the face, essentially ruining the whole look. Streaks are another side effect of dodgy brushes.

Are quality makeup brushes important?

It isn’t important to break the bank when it comes to brushes. Top quality can be reasonable priced. Revolution Beauty have a brilliant plethora of brushes to choose from, all of which are affordable. Sigma are on the higher end of the scale. Although there is no denying sigma have great quality. The comparison to much cheaper alternatives is too close to warrant the cost.


Sigma F50 – Duo Fibre Brush

Sigma brush

This sigma brush Blends liquid and powder into the skin to give flawless results. The best product to use with this brush however is a powder. Bare minerals work great with this brush and gives photoshop looking skin.

Beauty Obsession Marble Contour Brush Set

Makeup brushes

This contour brush set is perfect for those that like a full makeup look. The bristles are light on the skin and allow makeup to glide on.

e.l.f. Angled Foundation Brush

Makeup brushes

The elf Angled foundation brush is great at precise application. If you enjoy wearing full coverage, this brush will work best. The angle of the brush is perfect for around the nose and eye area.

In conclusion you won’t need a pricey brush set when first starting out. As long as you have quality brushes with no shedding your good. If all else fails why not try a beauty blender. As long as its damp you can’t go wrong with it. Further more blender sponges can are multifunctional. Many brush kits include a Sponge applicator for Beginners to get started.