Make up For Beginners – Read This For Tips

Make up gurrus seem to have it all figured out when it comes to all things beauty related. They do winged eye liner like a pro and effortlessly apply flase lashes. But they didnt develope these skills with out practice. Everyone starts somewhere, even the best make up artists. Here is a run down of the top 10 make up tips every newbie should know.

1. Eyeshadow

When checking the latest tutorial on a new eye shadow pallet, up to 5 colours can be used for a single look. While it may look nice, a cute look and be achieved with 2 colours. It can seem daunting looking at a eye shadow pallets with 200  plus colour options, but most of us only use 3 max. Be sure to always apply eye primer first. the primer will help give better results.
Make up for beginners

2. Foundation

Know your skin type. is it oily? if so you would want to go with a base that offers a matt finish. If you have dry skin go for a more dewy foundation, that gives skin a radiant glow. You will also need to consider your under tones, olive, red, yellow. It will help in deciding which shade you need.

3. BB Cream

If you aren’t a fan of a full face of foundation, BB cream can be your best option. BB cream provides a light coverage to give that no make up, make up look. BB cream also doubles up as a moisturiser and some contain SPF.
Make up for beginners

4. Highlighters

For beginners highlighters aren’t necessary. If I’m honest I think high lighting is a trend that we will look back on and laugh at. If I see another nose tip radiating or high beam cheek bone I’ll scream. To each their own…
Make up for beginners

5. Eyebrows

Make up For Beginners

Eyebrows frame the face. once you’ve nailed the perfect brow for you, your already half way to nailing your make up regime. Brows can be tricky, it takes practice. There are some stencils that might be useful.’

6. Concealer

If you have blemishes or scars you would like to hide, concealer is the product for you.  It can also be a great way of hiding dark under eye circles. And if your feeling adventurous concealer can be used for contouring.
Make up for beginners

7. Contouring

Contouring is not necessary. When running errands or going to the gym, a full face with contour is not needed. I know Instagram doesn’t help when I see girls with full on glam standing in a convenience store buying gum.

8. Mascara

Make up for beginners is all about having the basics figured out. An essential product in any make up bag is mascara. If you aren’t a fan of false lashes, mascara might be a great alternative. their are many different mascaras to choose from each offering a different look. So whether you want curl, definition or length, there is a mascara for you.

9. Primer

If you want your base make up to last all day, it is essential to use primer. Primer will give the best overall results when applying foundation. Depending on the product, primer can also help with reducing the appearance of large pores and wrinkles.
Make up for beginners

10. Make up tools

Be sure to use the correct tools for the right products. a kabuki brush is great for applying bronzer. It goes without saying a foundation brush should be used to apply foundation. Beauty blenders are also great for giving a flawless foundation result.