Love Island Yewande Dating Nightmare

Love Island Yewande date from hell!

Love island 2019 contestant Yewande recently sat down with pretty little thing podcast to discuss dating. During the chat the 23 year opened up about a dating disaster she experienced.

She told the podcast of the time her date scratched at her.

“with his nails” and said, “I’m thinking ‘Oh my god what am I gonna do? I have no credit, I can’t call anyone. I can’t actually jump out the car cos I was in the middle of nowhere and what am I gonna do?’

“And then he starts like asking me what colour underwear I have on! I thought I was going to get kidnapped. I was like, ‘this is how people die and get locked up in dungeons’ like this is how it happens!”

“So I get him to drop me in some random estate […] pretend like I’m going into this random persons house right, then he drives off.”

Love Island Yewande Dating Nightmare

Yewande continues

“And then I go home and get a message saying ‘oh hey, I hope I wasn’t being too forward, hope you had a great time…’

To listeners Suprise Yewande reveled she actually enjoyed the date in the end.

“I said to him, ‘Listen, I thought you were gonna be a psychopath but turns out you’re actually a decent person.’ We laughed.”

Yewande Love Island

This isn’t Yewande only dating disaster. While appearing on dating show ‘love island’, Yewande had a few awkward encounters. In an attempt to win over Danny, Yewande stepped out of her comfort zone and landed awkwardly on Danny’s lap.

Hopefully Yewande will use her past incidents for a better dating future. If her instagram is anything to go by she must have hundreds of lads lined up for a date.

Love island returns to our screens next year, with auditions starting early January!

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