Love Island Hit With Racism Claim Misunderstanding

Love island Shock

Love island has been accused of broadcasting a racial slur. During Friday nights episode During a emotional chat with the girls, Shaughna expressed her disappointment in Callums decision to choose Molly. While Shaughna sobbed many viewers claims to her a person say in the background ‘date N*****s’.

Viewers took to twitter in disbelief. One viewer tweeted:

Listen carefully…. I’m sure Siannese said ‘date n*****’ 🤔#LoveIsland

Another tweeted:

Surely somebody else just clocked when Sianesse said “date _____” 👀…. #LoveIsland

Tell me Jess dident just shout ‘date N****s’ …? 🤦🏻‍♂️ #LoveIsland

Love island

Many commenters clarified she in fact said ‘Ain’t no good’. With many believing her accent caused the confusion.

A twitter user clarified:

‘She said ain’t no good ,it’s just her accent that makes it sound like that’

Love island

Luckily for love island producers this blunder was clearly a case of misunderstanding. Had the offensive word actually been uttered it could have spelt the end for the show.

Love Island Drama 2020

Winter love Island was rocked by racism claims since the first episode. Many viewers took offence to Siannise calling Nas ‘Alladin’. Viewers thought it may be offensive due to Nas South Asian heritage. Nas took the comment well, responding: “Don’t even do that to me! I’m actually gassed now.”

Nas has become a popular cast member since the start of the show. He is this seasons underdog after failing to make romantic connections in the villa. That changed when Demi entered the villa, and they coupled up. Nas popularity is declining since he entered casa amour and chose to ditch Demi for new girl Eva. Many viewers have expressed their disappointment in his decision and refuse to support him. Could this mark then end of Nas stint in the villa? Or will he redeem himself and possibly win? With only a few weeks left, we will have to wait and see.