Love Island Demi and Luke M have Date

Love island Shaughna and Demi

Love island Demi and Luke have had a tough time since entering the villa. Demi was seemingly happily coupled up with Nas, until her mercilessly dumped her. Similarly Luke M has struggled in the villa. He has had a failed romance with Jess before being dumped yet again by new girl Natalia.

Love island Demi and Luke

During a chat Mike asks Luke: ‘what do you think of Demi?’.

Luke M replies: “She’s such a nice girl.”

Mike says: “I honestly think that Demi is an incredible girl and I think maybe cast a glancing eye on her a little bit and see what she’s about. Be open.”

Love island Demi and Luke M get close

Love island Demi and Luke

Later in the day after pairing up for a task Luke T sets the two up on a date.

In the Beach Hut Luke M confesses: “I think that I kind of have to give it a chance and see where things go with Demi and see what kind of happens.”

Meanwhile, love island Demi admits: “We’re both in a way single together. We both sort of looked at each other and thought, ‘Why have we not pursued this before?’ I’m excited to see if we do gel.”

Love island Demi and Luke

This pairing will seem a shock to some viewers, as many hoped Luke would couple up with Shaughna. Love island presenter Laura Whitmore tweeted: ‘Is it wrong that I want Shaughna and Luke M to get together!!!??’

She then followed her tweet with: ‘Or Demi and Luke M??!’

With one of her followers replying: ‘I could see Demi & Luke M getting together! Can you get Natalia to leave please as she used Luke M to get more air time’.

With the shock re coupling due to air tonight, this union may be over before its begun. They both deserve another shot at love so watch this space. Catch love island tonight at 9pm.