Love Island Casa Amour Returns

Love island casa amour is back. Many speculated the winter series won’t feature casa amour, known for its drama. Luckily itv bosses have confirmed it will return next week! Casa amour is the shake up the series needs. Apart from the odd clash here and there islanders have had it easy. Unfortunately there aren’t many solid couples in the villa to have the unions put to the test. None the less it would be interesting to see if Callum or Fins head is turned.

Love Island Casa Amour Returns

An insider reported to the sun.

“Bosses are determined to cause a real stir this year with Casa Amor and have drafted in the sexiest singles yet.

“The new Cape Town Casa Amor is just a short distance away from the main villa and as the girls and boys split, there’ll be tons of temptation in the form of gorgeous bombshells hoping to turn heads.

”The decor will feature phrases from this year’s series such as ‘Shoot Your Shot’ and ‘Trust In Your Sauce’ written on the walls”

Love Island Casa Amour

Casa amour will really put Shaughna and Callum to the test after their row over Sophie. After Shaughna pulled Sophie for some harsh words leaving Sophie in tears. Callum confronted Shaughna on the issue telling her:

‘You’ve made Sophie cry now…’ which leads a brazen Shaughna to respond: ‘Well she needs to f*****g toughen up then,’

Turning the tables on Callum, Shaughna says:  ‘Why do you believe her over me?! Why don’t you go and couple up with her then?!’

Callum replies: ‘Oh my god,’ while Shaughna storms off saying: ‘I’m not having no more.’

Love Island Casa Amour

This spat could be all it takes for the duo to stray elsewhere in casa amour. We will have to wait and see if this couple has what it takes to go the distance. As mentioned in a previous article they are set to win, so watch this space!

Love island casa amour returns

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