Love Island Cancelled? Can The Show Go On..

Love island Shock

Love island cancelled possibly if show doesn’t change its ways…

Winter love love island hasn’t had the best reception from audiences. Although it has had reasonable viewing figures from the start of the series. The current record audience for this series was 2.4 million for first show on January 12. Since then it hasn’t reached that high again. Following the recent tragedy and scandal following the show, viewers are switching off.

Love island cancelled

Love island has been fan favourite since it returned to our screens in 2015. However over the years the show has become increasingly sensored. Love islands core audience are 16-40 year olds, yet they no longer broadcast swearing on the show. Also couples are rarely seen to show affection anymore. So the couples end up looking platonic and un authentic. As a viewer I often question how much the producers control the shows narrative.

Love island cancelled

Love Island Cancelled if producers keep Medeling

Former Islander Sophie Piper told Grazia magazine: “Producers might suggest, ‘Why don’t you talk about this and that?'”.

Love island cancelled

She added: “A lot of stuff happened naturally. People think it’s more staged than it actually is.”

Ex islander Johnny from series 2017 told closer mag:

“The producers can do whatever they want. They can push you in certain directions and make you do certain things.

“When I was in there, they’d call you out of the villa and they’d sit down with you and go, ‘How are you feeling about this girl?’

Johnny also went on to claim:

They even push you on who to choose in the recouplings! It’s all tactics.”

“I think they already have their own agenda and their own idea of who they want to win.”

During the current season of love island viewers claimed producers constructed a story between Shaughna and Luke M.

After Callum ditched Shaughna For new girl Molly, Shaughna Set her sights on Luke. Viewers scepticaly took to twitter:

“I have a theory that the producers told shaughna she should pursue something with Luke lol cos it’s so random”.

Another viewer commented:

“This Shaughna and Luke M thing is so staged. Producers, do you think we are stupid?”

Love Island Shaughna Confesses

A spokeswoman for the show said: “The opinions the Islanders have, decisions they make and the relationships formed are completely within the control of the Islanders themselves.”

Time will tell if Love island can recover from the backlash.