Lil Baby Cheating Allegations Continue

Lil baby cheating allegations continue

Adult entertainer Teanna Trump, 25, has sparked a Twitter war with Lil Baby‘s girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, 23, over cheating allegations. Jayda took to twitter and joked that if someone asked her for nude photos, she’d instead send photos of herself in a nude-toned outfit. “Send me a nude…ME :,” the young entrepreneur wrote over two photos of herself rocking a beige coat and cream sweatpants, which she posted to Twitter December 17th.

Adult film star Teanna bitterly responded, “And that’s why you got cheated on..,”. Teanna then implied that she has alleged evidence of Lil Baby cheatingoon Jayda by tweeting, “He better check his b-tch. Lol Don’t make me post screenshots.”

Jayda later tweeted in reference to Teanna tweets: “Why these hoes COME FOR ME FIRST then hit me with the check ur man. Like is that what this really be about? Y’all got the game f-cked up. Y’all trifling as hell all y’all,”.

Jayda continued:

“Sis if you wanted me to shoutout your only fan you could’ve just said that. You didn’t have to throw shade?!?”

Lil Baby Cheating Allegations Continue

This isn’t the first time Jayda has had to defend her relationship. Earlier this month onlyfans influencer Ms London accused rapper ‘Lil baby’ of paying for her services.

Ms London’s accusations were also posted to Twitter:

“The best d*** I ever had cake from a millionaire who didn’t say more than two full sentences to me.”

“dropping no names, but Jayda not leaving this man ever”

The rapper vehemently denied the allegations made by Ms London. He tweeted:

“I get it,” in deleted tweets. “Say Baby name get clout Y’all need to stop the desperate s**t.”

He added: “Like huh? Wtf be wrong with y’all people.””When s*** going good watch for the devil!”

As of posting the rapper has yet to respond to Teanna’s allegations.

Lil baby and Jayda Cheaves Ms London drama