Lani Trends After Video Bashing Popular influencers

Tion Wayne Controversy

Lani Good known to some as a budding youtuber has recently come under fire. The Controversy surrounds her new video in which Lani and friends bash popular youtubers. The format of the video is similar to that of successful media influencer Nella rose. Nella has seen success during her social media career, most recently launching a successful clothing brand. However Lani’s video reduced Nella to whether they find her attractive.

Nella Rose

Another influencer to recive negativity in the video was Adeola Patrone. Similarly to Nella, Adeola has also been flourishing lately. In the video Lani says: Adeola Patrone? her friends are then seen to laugh while one girl responds: ‘she’s a dead ting’. This term is slang for unattractive or nothing special.


Miss R fabulous fellow youtuber who was also bashed in the video responded. In an instagram post Renne (msrfabulous) wrote:

‘you don’t know what someone is going through in life, or what they are battling with. A negative video like that can break someone into pieces. Be kind and be positive.

Lani Trends After Video Bashing Popular influencers

Over on twitter many shared their distaste for the video.

‘ I see negativity I just chose not to interact with it. If that’s the content that makes certain creators happy to put out. I hope it gets the engagement and views you wanted sha 🙌🏾🤍’

‘Lani Good needs to find her age mates. Can’t believe she went this low for some clout and with little kids. she’s a whole walking embarrassment 🤢’

‘notice how in lani’s youtube vid, the pretty girls didn’t say anything’

Does Lani not have mates??? half of these lots in the video aren’t even her age mates dfkm’

‘I genuinely believe Lani good needs professional help I’m sorry, was you not in miss r fabulous music video? allowing a group of people to talk about her like that is completely bang out of order, people do anything for views pathetic.’

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