Kylie Jenner’s Bratz Doll Collection Sparks Controversy 

Kylie Jenner’s Bratz Doll Collection Sparks Controversy

Jenner, the reality TV star and beauty mogul, has teamed up with Bratz to launch a collection of dolls inspired by her iconic looks. However, the collaboration has received backlash from some fans who accuse Jenner of darkening her skin tone and appropriating Black culture.

The Bratz x Kylie Collection

The Bratz x Kylie collection features six mini dolls that recreate some of Jenner’s most memorable outfits, such as her 2019 Met Gala lavender Versace dress, her 2022 Met Gala wedding dress by Virgil Abloh, and her Paris Fashion Week street style. The collection also includes accessories such as sunglasses, purses, and shoes.

The collection was announced on Monday (1 August) by Bratz on its official Instagram account, where it described Jenner as “the ultimate pop culture queen”. Jenner also shared the news on her own Instagram, saying that she was “so excited” to collaborate with Bratz, which she said was “one of my favorite brands growing up”.

The dolls are priced at $9.99 each and are available on the Bratz website and select retailers.

Kylie Jenner’s Bratz Doll Collection Sparks Controversy 

The Backlash

However, not everyone was impressed by the collaboration. Some fans took to social media to criticize Jenner for the apparent discrepancy between her skin tone and that of the dolls. They accused her of “blackfishing”, which is a term used to describe white people who alter their appearance to look like they have Black ancestry.

One Twitter user wrote: “Now this skin color —” along with a screenshot of one of the dolls. Another commented: “I just wanna know why it’s so tan like??”

Some fans also expressed their disappointment that Bratz, which is known for its diverse and inclusive representation of women of color, chose Jenner as its first-ever celebrity collaborator. They argued that Bratz should have partnered with a Black woman or a woman of color instead, such as Rihanna, Anok Yai, or Halle Bailey.

One fan tweeted: “Their first collaboration not being a Black woman but a white woman while having to darken the doll is CRAZY.” Another said: “Bratz was a staple for all little girls of colour and they decide to go with a white woman???”

Some fans also pointed out Jenner’s history of cultural appropriation and controversy, such as her alleged use of lip fillers, cornrows, and other elements of Black culture without giving credit or acknowledgment. They also mentioned her recent criticism for being a “climate criminal” for taking short flights on her private jet.

One fan wrote: “Of all the celebs that come to mind when I think of Bratz, Kylie isn’t one of them… But congrats to her! White privilege wins again!”

The Response

Neither Jenner nor Bratz have responded to the backlash as of yet. However, some fans have defended the collaboration and praised Jenner for her achievements and influence. They also argued that the dolls’ skin tone is not too different from Jenner’s natural tan and that Bratz has always been supportive of women of all backgrounds and cultures.

One fan commented: “Y’all are so mad for no reason. Kylie is beautiful and deserves this collab. She’s a boss babe and an icon. Stop hating and appreciate.” Another said: “Bratz has always been about diversity and empowerment. Kylie is a perfect fit for them. She’s a self-made billionaire and a role model for many girls. She’s not trying to be Black, she’s just tan.”

What do you think of the Bratz x Kylie collection? Do you think it’s a good or bad collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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