KKW Beauty – Is it too late? Kim kardashian beauty range

KKW Beauty is brand created by contour Queen Kim Kardashian West.

The problem with Kim Kardashian Beauty

Kim Kardashian Practically invented contouring with makeup Mario. She would post pictures on how to slim noses and define cheekbones.  But she has taken 10 yrs to release her own brand. Kim would use her influence to promote other makeup brands when she could have been promoting her own. If she had developed a brand sooner, she would be leading the market.


Is KKW Beauty Needed?

Celebrities and influencers seem to slap their names on makeup for the fun of it. The cosmetics industry is overdone and saturated. Do we need another brow kit or contour Pallete? And how many eyeshadow Palletes cab one have? There are much cheaper high street alternatives that do the job. The cost to make a typical eye pallet is between £4-£8. Kim is seeing a great profit from this venture.

Simple clean packaging is very on brand for Kim. The muted tones are very in keeping with the ‘yeezy’ brand.

Her ‘vibe’ is beige and basic, but she needs to expand. A  brand cant survive on rolling out the same products. The branding verges on generic. Its as if she’s bought a load of non branded items on wish.com, then slapped her name on it

Kkw beauty


In conclusion it’s fair to say Kim kardashian joined the party late. Kim kardashian has added nothing new to the beauty industry. Even her little sister Kylie was able to add a fresh spin on a classic. The launch on a lipstick and liner combo was unique. As a result she received great success, if not short lived.

According to forbes KKW Beauty has quickly become Kardashian West’s single biggest moneymaker–and most valuable asset. As long as Kim has millions of followers she will always have customers.