May 20, 2022


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Kardashian Cultural Appropriation Controversy

Kardashian Cultural Appropriation Controversy

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as: ‘The unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society.

Kendal Jenner

Tequila advert

Kardashian Cultural Appropriation Controversy

In May 2021 kendal received backlash over the advert for her Tequila brand 818.  A twitter user wrote: “leave it to Kendall to be as tone-deaf as possible, this is so offensive. Modeling that chic migrant worker look for her tequila brand.”

Kylie Jenner

Kardashian Cultural Appropriation Controversy


On March 5th 2020 Kylie took to instagram to share her photo shoot pics. Dressed in a hooded figure hugging Tom Ford design and honey blond curls. Kylie captioned the pic .”Giving you baby mama drama honey,” Kylie is visibly darker in the picture, which isn’t unusual for the star.

Kim kardashian 

Kardashian Cultural Appropriation Controversy


Skims popular shapewear brand by Kim kardashian attempted to release a new collection named ‘kimono’. After receiving twitter backlash and a more than 11,000 people  signed petition.


Khloe sported a bantu knots hairstyle made popular by African culture and renamed it ‘space buns’. Furthermore 2018 Kim sported historically African hairstyle fulani braids. However Kim referred to them as Bo Derrick braids in reference to the 1979 bond actress iconic scene.

Kardashian Cultural Appropriation Controversy

OM symbol earrings

More controversy was sparked June 2021 when a photoshoot of Kim emerged with the star sporting an Hindu OM symbol earrings. One twitter user commented: “Is now a good time to mention that the Om is a sacred symbol to Hindus and not just an accessory,”

Kardashian Cultural Appropriation Controversy

Khloe kardashian 

In 2019 Khloe attended Diana Ross birthday celebration, sporting a afro wig. However Many online comments seemed to suggest this was another example of the famous family picking parts of another culture for aesthetics.


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