Jodi Turner Smith, Anne Boleyn Role Causes Outrage

Jodi Turner Smith Anne Boleyn Role

Queen and slim star Jodi Turner Smith was unveiled as the lead role in new Channel 5 drama based on Anne Boleyn back in October.

Now Jodie, 34, has been pictured filming scenes on set in West Yorkshire, dressed as Anne Boleyn in a Tudor costume.

Anne Boleyn was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of King Henry VIII. Their marriage, ended after she was beheaded on grounds of treason.

At the time of her casting Jodi said of her new role :

‘Delving deeper into Anne Boleyn’s immense strengths while examining her fatal weaknesses and vulnerabilities, Eve’s scripts immediately captured my imagination.

‘In the hands of Lynsey Miller, the legend of this formidable queen and fierce mother will be seen as a deeply human story that is still so relevant for today.

Jodi Turner Smith, Anne Boleyn Role Causes Outrage

The pictures of Jodi as Anne Boleyn sparked Fury on twitter. One vile person tweeted:

‘We are meant to look at this ugly ape and blindly pretend that she is a fair representation of Queen Anne Boleyn.’

No word yet from the producers/ directors who thought of the concept. They also haven’t spoken in defence of Jodi.

One person tweeted the role will merely Stoke the fire of racism.

‘doing stuff like casting a black woman as Anne Boleyn is the kind of thing that stokes racism. it’s also damn embarrassing and patronizing; we’ve got our own historical figures and yet people are shoving us into the roles of white figures like we’re a political tool.’

‘ May be the intention here is to stir things up for whatever reasons! I don’t think it’s ok to cast a woman of colour to play a Caucasian woman. For the Same reasons I wouldn’t want a Caucasian man playing Mandela or Gandhi!’

‘ Historical figures have been whitewashed by Hollywood alot in the past and I think it’s completely wrong. A non-white person playing Anne Boleyn is also wrong. Why can’t shows/movies just be historically accurate? I don’t get it. Ah well nvm I’m sure Jodie will be great in this.’

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