Ice Spice: Industry Plant or Rap Princess?

Ice Spice: The Rap Princess or the Industry Plant?

Ice Spice is one of the hottest names in the rap scene right now. The 23-year-old Bronx native has been dominating the charts and the social media platforms with her catchy songs, colorful style and charismatic personality. But how did she rise to stardom so quickly? And is she a genuine talent or a product of the music industry?

In January 2023, Ice Spice, a debut artist, released her extended play, Like…?, containing eight tracks, including previous singles and new songs like “In Ha Mood” and “Actin A Smoochie”. Critics acclaimed the EP for its diversity, creativity, and humor, as well as Ice Spice’s relaxed rapping style and witty lyrics. The EP debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, making Ice Spice the first female rapper to achieve this with a debut project. Ice Spice collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Aqua on a remake of Aqua’s 1997 hit called “Barbie World” for the film’s soundtrack, incorporating rap verses from Ice Spice and Minaj. The song became a smash hit, reaching number one on Spotify USA and giving Ice Spice three number-one hits on the platform.

Ice Spice: Industry Plant or Rap Princess

She has been hailed as rap’s new princess, recognized for her originality, charisma, and talent, as well as her ability to appeal to different audiences and genres. She has broken barriers and stereotypes for female rappers, particularly those of color.

However, some critics and skeptics accuse Ice Spice of being an industry plant, claiming that her success is artificially created or promoted by the music industry to generate profit or influence trends. They question the authenticity and originality of Ice Spice, suggesting that she copies or borrows from other artists like Saweetie, Cardi B, Doja Cat, and Megan Thee Stallion. They also highlight her rapid rise to fame and benefit from her label, 10K Projects, and producer, RiotUSA.

Ice Spice has denied these allegations, stating that she is a self-made artist who works hard and loves what she does. She has also defended her musical influences, saying that she respects and admires the artists who came before her and that she tries to add her own flavor and personality to her music. She has also expressed gratitude for the support and opportunities she has received from her label, her producer and her collaborators, saying that they have helped her grow and learn as an artist.

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