Gemma Collins Quotes On Dating, Relationships and Love

Gemma Collins iconic one liners are one of the many reasons she’s known as Queen of memes. Whether she’s laying down the law or dishing out social commentary, your bound to find one of these comments relatable to a degree. So check out some of the GC most iconic qoutes on dating, Relationships and Love. ”


Gemma Collins

” I do wish I had someone who was financially stable to look after me so I could be free, and be myself’, she moaned. ‘Someone to put petrol in my car so I ain’t got to keep working like a dog” .


‘I’m used to young flesh. My men have all been good looking, young. But right now in my life. I don’t know if I’d like to see a 54-year-old man’s privates.’


Gemma Collins

‘You got nice clothes for the holiday yeah? Good. You have to look like a movie star next to me.

‘Can’t be no crumpled up T-shirt and s**t shorts. They’ve got to be bang on. Have you got nice loafers, wads of cash in the pocket?’


“Until I get a big £250k or half-a-million yellow diamond, I ain’t settling with anybody!”


“The bon*r was poking me in the back. You’ve got to start poking it in the front, Charlie” – TOWIE series 3

Gemma Collins Quotes On Dating, Relationships and Love


Gemma Collins

Diva! Are you calling me a diva? Do you know what hunny? See ya later. Take care my love. I ain’t fuc%ing about with that, I ain’t waisting my time on that.

I don’t fuck about and I don’t waste time, and at the end of the day. Who does he think he is talking to. ”


“I’ve waited this long for my Prince Charming, I can’t give it up for beans on toast.”


Gemma Collins

“If you can’t buy me a cup of tea and put 70 quid petrol in my car once a month, get out of my life.”


“It doesn’t have to be Bernie Ecclestone but he has to be on my level.

” I should just start asking to see their bank statements – just joking!”


” You ain’t ever gonna get this candy”

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