Gemma Collins Qoutes – Podcast Edition

Gemma Collins Qoutes – Podcast Edition

Gemma Collins podcast always delivers the best qoutes. Here’s our favourite one qoutes from the divas podcast.

‘It’s very very important we express ourselves. I’ve always worn sequins.’

‘I don’t follow fashion I make fashion, I create fashion, I am fashion.’

‘I believe there is a twin flame for everybody. And it dies really excite me that there is someone in this world that is my twin flame. A twin flame is your soul mate and the person your meant to be with in your life.’

‘A twin flame is basically a mirror soul or a connection. Twin flame is the other half of your soul.’

Gemma Collins podcast

‘ I love to love, I love pigeons, I love every thing

‘My beats around the moon feel like absolute water Mellons. When the moon changes my breasts swell up.’

Gemma Collins Qoutes From GC Podcast

‘I think it’s time for zen.’

‘I feel we need to live in the present I always feel we’re constantly looking to the future.’

‘If you don’t use fabric conditioner honey that’s just terrible.’

Gemma Collins podcast

‘Unrush your self don’t put too much pressure on yourself.’

‘Who do I need to call to become illuminati? It’s all very bizarre and I will get to the bottom of it.’

‘Tend not to research my aliment late at night, it just opens a can of worms.’

Gemma Collins

‘Elephants fascinate me.’

‘Never online shop over night or you’ll just end up over buying.’

I’m at my most sharpest after midnight

‘If you can’t be tiredly with your friends who can you be yourself with?’

‘When your there in the moment be present.’

‘Look absorb take in the moment make those memories.’


‘What’s meant for you you, will not pass you by.’

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