Gemma Collins Gifs For every occasion

Gemma Collins Gifs can be applied to any situation. Gemms is after all, the Queen of memes. From her first appearance on ‘The only way is Essex’ (TOWIE), it was clear she had star potential. Since leaving TOWIE she has appeared on a variety of T.V shows from dancing on ice to celebs go dating. Gemma Collins can now be seen in her own reality show. Check out these hilarious memes of Gemma doing b what she does best.

‘I’m claustrophobic Darren!’

Gemma had this famous outburst during BBUK. In these uncertain times amidst lockdowns and boredom. Sometimes you need to remind others, you need space.

‘You ain’t ever gonna get this candy’

Gemma Collins gifs

In the early stages of Gemma and Arg romance they hit a rocky patch. After Gemma heard Arg commenting on her weight, Gemma hit back. In a now iconic scene, she let him know its over. However since then the pair have split up at least 5 times!

‘it’s embarrassing’

Gemma Collins gifs

Have you ever scrolled through your time line and seen something embarrassing? If yes, then this is the perfect gif to use in that scenario.

‘I need luxury’

You gotta remind people sometimes that you like the finer things in life

‘I don’t think about you at all’

Gemma Collins

If you have an ex trying to get back with you, drop this gif into the conversation. Their sure to realise your over them.

Gemma Collins Gifs

‘Tea and coffee are everything’

Gemma Collins gifs

In this COVID chaos there’s nothing like a hot drink, to calm the nerves.

‘I’ve earned my divaship’

Gemma Collins gifs

Some may say that being a diva is negative. But sometimes it’s best to embrace your diva ways. It can mean your strong a uncompromising.


Gemma Collins gifs

Sometimes you just don’t wanna hear what others have to say, this is the perfect gif for that occasion.