Future: How many kids does Future Have?

Future how many kids does he have?

Future is an American rapper who has seen sucess with songs ‘mask off’ and ‘life is good’.

Although Future is best known for his career, he is also known as having children by numerous women (similar to some prime ministers…). It has been reported that future has become a father for the 8th time! After DNA test consequently confirmed him to be father of model Eliza Seraphin daughter.

Future how many kids

Future reportedly shared an on-off relationship with Eliza between 2016 and 2018. Eliza announced her pregnancy in November 2018 and named future as the father.


Ciara called of the engagement after allegedly finding out futures infidelity. Since their relationship Ciara has moved on to work class athlete Russell Wilson. Many have said Ciara left her relationship with future unscathed after marrying and moving on.

Future: How many kids does Future Have?

How many kids does Future have?

Future’s new addition consequently brings his brood to a total of eight children with eight different women. Here’s a break down of his off spring:

Jakobi, 17, with Jessica Smith

Daughter, Londyn, 11, with India

Prince, 7, with Brittni Mealy

A Son, Future Zahir, 5, with singer and fiancée Ciara. They have since separated.

In addition he has had the following children.

Son, Hendrix, 16 months, with Joie Chavis

Daughter, Paris, with an unknown woman

•Son, Kash, with an unknown woman

•Daughter, Reign, 1, with Eliza Reign

However not every ‘entanglement’ with future ends in pregnancy. Socialite Lori Harvey had a brief relationship with future between late 2019 and 2020. She seemingly stepped away from the daliance baby free.


Future is reported to be dating Des dior a aspiring 22 year old rapper. The couple have shared numerous couple posts on their respective social media accounts.

As of yet no news on whether future is expecting his 9th. Check out our latest posts!

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