Dutchavelli Hacking Scandal

Dutchavelli has been caught up in drama after seemingly getting hacked. In a leaked private conversation with his sister Steflondon, rapper Russ is thinly compared to ‘baby shark’. In the conversation it seemed Dutch was interested in having Russ feature on a track.

Dutch: ‘ Russ gets mad views

Steflondon:’ so does baby shark’

A video has also emerged of dutchavelli in an intimate setting with UK artist Imani Williams. Earlier this week Dutch was connected to a fan Amy Lexi. Many branded her a clout chaser for announcing her involvement with the rapper, a claim she vehemently denies.

Furthermore an alleged conversation between the rapper,26 and 17 year old, Teezandos, were also leaked.



Twitter reacts



‘Dutchavelli was trying to eat his red pea soup in peace and now he’s in a babylon scandal. His head must be hot.’

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