Did Drake Get Nose Surgery?

Did Drake Get Nose Surgery?

The latest beef to captivate hip hop fans involves none other than Aubrey Drake Graham, commonly known simply as Drake. And his ongoing feud with fellow rapper Rick Ross. At the heart of their dispute is a claim as peculiar as it is intriguing: did Drake, the 37-year-old Grammy-winning artist known for hits like “Hotline Bling” and “God’s Plan,” undergo rhinoplasty to alter the size of his nose?

This controversy was ignited by Ross’s allegation, where he not only derogatorily refers to Drake as a “white boy” but also alleges, “That’s why you had an operation to make your nose smaller than your father’s nose.” Such a bold assertion naturally set the internet alight with speculation and debate. But how has Drake responded to these charges? And what can be gleaned from this digital back-and-forth between two of hip-hop’s titans?


Drake Responds to Allegations

Drake took his rebuttal to social media, sharing a text conversation with his mother, Sandi Graham, that showcases both his denial of the surgery and his hallmark clever wit. When confronted with the rumor by his mother, Drake jests about missing out on a “2 for 1 deal” for the purported procedure, clearly poking fun at the absurdity of the situation. His response to Ross, however, delves into deeper territory, accusing the “B.M.F” artist of suffering adverse effects from Mounjaro, a diabetes medication known for its weight loss side effects, further alleging Ross’s financial and emotional decline.

This online exchange took another twist with Ross’s reply, utilizing a luxurious swimming pool setting and a yellow nose emoji to taunt Drake, encapsulating the feud’s blend of personal attack and high lifestyle showcasing typical of hip-hop conflicts.

Further Speculation

Drake is no stranger to subtle digs and shade thrown his way. In Early January the Canadian rapper was accused of having a Brazilian butt lift.

A verse in Meg the Stallion’s song “HISS” is interpreted as a subtle jab at Drake, marking another round in their ongoing feud. She raps, “These guys criticize BBLs but sport the same scars themselves, naturally curvy without any enhancements, guys vie for a spot in my circle.”

Although she doesn’t directly mention Drake, fans insist it’s about the rapper.

Speculation aside, without concrete evidence, the truth of Drake’s nose’s originality remains known solely to the artist himself.

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