Derma Planning – ladies Read This!

disappointed young woman with foam on the face and a razor in her hand

Derma planning is a process of scraping dead skin cells and peach fuzz off your face. The procedure is performed in a clinic by a trained dermatologist or estheticians. The implement used is a medical grade scalpel.

Derma planning

The process can sound very daunting and the first time can be risky, as you don’t know how your hair will grow back. I’ve listed some of the pros and cons for your consideration.

Derma planning Cons

  • Thicker hair
  • Hair may grow back thicker. Not to say you’ll have a dull on beard. But once it starts to grow back your likely to notice it more.
  • Ingrown hair, Last thing you want is un sightly razor bumps on your face. And adding makeup to the irritation is recipe for disaster. Dark and coarser hair Is likely more prone to ingrowns.
  • Repetitive maintenance .Once you shave your more likely to do so again.. Mainly to up keep the smooth skin feeling. It might feel like it becomes a task that has to be done.

Derma planning

Derma planning Pros

  • No more fury peach fuzz. Well at least for a few days. Your make up application will be a lot easier. For instance foundation will appear flawless and air brushed.
  • Skin will feel smooth and silky to touch. Moisturiser will absorb better into your skin. And you will also see face masks work better.

At home Derma planning solutions

Some decide to go for the at home derma planing option, which is basically using a razor at home. If this is something your considering always use a clean razor. And be sure to use a moisture rich lotion for after. If you have irritation after shaving, aloe Vera gel maybe useful. You can expect to have fuzz free skin for 1-2 days before re growth starts. If you end up with unsightly ingrowns on your face, use a gentle exfoliater containing glycolic acid.
Some products worth checking out are listed below.

Philips Precision trimmer for face

Easy and safe facial hair removal with the regular trimming head for soft and silky skin. Allows you to control how much of the trimmer to use on your face. In conclusion, you don’t need to worry about removing more than intended.

Lilbeth razor

A blade safety cover is attached to each blade which enables protection of delicate skin and prevents the blade from cutting too close. can fit the different angles of your face. Perfect for makeup bags if you want to touch up.
Derma planning
The micro-blades cut incredibly close to achieve fantastic results, and the built-in LED light helps you to see exactly where more attention is needed, giving you marble smooth skin in almost no time. Another one for the makeup bag. Instant and painless, no redness or irritation safe for all skin types and tones.
Derma planning


Moisturises and helps restore the protective skin barrier. Can be used on the face and body. Contains three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Helps the skin retain moisture. Offers lasting hydration and visible plumping. Results are smother softer healthier looking skin.
Derma planning