Davido’s Affairs: A Timeline of Cheating

Davido’s Affairs: A Timeline of Cheating Scandals

Davido, one of Nigeria’s most popular singers, has faced numerous cheating scandals. Over the years, he has been accused of being unfaithful to his wife, Chioma Rowland, with whom he shares a son. Here’s a breakdown of Davido’s alleged affairs and the women involved:

– 2013:

In February, Davido had a brief affair with Ayotomide Labinjo. Resulting in the birth of his daughter, Mitchell Anu Adeleke. Ayotomide made her claim public in 2017. But Davido denied it, citing a DNA test that proved he wasn’t the father.

– 2015:

Davido was in a relationship with Sophia Momodu, cousin of Nigerian journalist Dele Momodu. They had a daughter, Aurora Imade Adeleke. But their relationship was tumultuous, involving custody disputes and accusations. Ultimately, their families intervened, settling the matter amicably.

Davido Affair

– 2017:

Davido had an affair with Amanda, an Atlanta-based model, who gave birth to his second daughter. Although he shared photos and videos of the baby, he didn’t publicly acknowledge Amanda as his girlfriend or baby mama.

Davido Affair

– 2018:

Davido started dating Chioma Avril Rowland. And their relationship was marked by lavish gifts, public displays of affection. And a hit song dedicated to her. They got engaged in 2019, had a son. They planned to marry in 2020.

Davido’s Affairs: A Timeline of Cheating

– 2020: In December, Davido was accused of cheating on Chioma with two women in Enugu, Nigeria. Photos and videos of him with the women at a nightclub and his hotel room circulated on social media. This caused outrage among his fans.

– 2021: Larissa Lorenco, a London-based makeup artist, alleged that she had a child with Davido in March 2020. She revealed this information in June 2021, sharing photos of her son on Instagram. The child allegedly bears a resemblance to Davido’s other children.

David Affair

– 2023:

Anita Brown, an American businesswoman and model, made a claim that she was expecting a child with Davido, an internationally renowned singer. She substantiated her assertion by sharing evidence of their relationship through social media and emphasized the importance of Davido acknowledging his responsibility. Moreover, she unveiled multiple text message screenshots as proof of their ongoing communication, asserting that they had been seeing each other since 2017.

In response, Davido vehemently refuted the allegations, dismissing them as untrue and unfounded. However, another woman named Ivanna Bay later came forward, alleging that she, too, was pregnant by the singer.

Please note that the details provided are based on allegations and public statements, and should be treated as such until confirmed by the parties involved.

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