Chris Evans Trends After Nudes Leak Online

Chris Evans is the talk of twitter after he posted a nude picture of himself in error. Evans or ‘captain America’ as he is famously known, removed the picture after realising the error. Unfortunately for Evans it has been seen and shared hundreds of times. The actor has been a household name since landing central role in Captain America and the Avengers franchise. It may have come as quite a shock to see the actor in such explicit position.

Chris Evans photo leak, Twitter Reacts

‘Chris Evans really does give off the big energy from the movies which is also in them jeans. He can have me. 🤣’

2020 just gave us Chriss Evans dick pic and I just —

Chris Evans

‘everyone freaking out of chris evans accidentally leaking his own nudes but im more confused about why he has this picture of himself saved’

‘the streets are saying chris evans leaked his own nudes’

However some people did not find the situation amusing.

Unpopular opinion: Nude pics of women being leaked without consent is a violation, and that’s still true when it happens to men like Chriss Evans.

This isn’t entertainment. It’s creepy and inappropriate.

I don’t get why people don’t understand that He might have accidentally leaked them himself but that doesn’t give people permission to share them.

‘yes, Chris Evan accidentally leaked his own nudes on his own instagram

yes, it’s funny

but it was an accident and he deleted it, so

please don’t share them

respect his privacy

protect him like he protected the world’

‘everyone talking about chris evans leaking his own nudes needs to really not spread that video around. you’re violating his privacy after he realized and deleted it. yall really need to not spread that around’

Here’s hoping Chris can move forward from this.

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