Cardi B Exposed Troll Account

Cardi B Exposed

Cardi B first hit our screens when she was casted in reality show ‘love and hip hop’. Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar known professionally as Cardi B then went onto have a successful rap career. Earlier today #cardibisoverparty started trending after her alleged trolling account was exposed. Cardis personal instagram page ‘finsta’ allegedly named @nobudgethoe, would post negative messages about her peers in the industry. It is alleged that Cardi deleted the account once she was rumbled. The call to cancel Cardi B is one of many cancellations of celebrities during the pandemic. For now there seems to be no concrete evidence to prove she actually controlled the ‘Finsta’ account. However that hasn’t stopped Cardi B becoming the latest celebrity to be cancelled.

Cardi B Exposed

Old Tweets of Cardi have also been dragged up, where Cardi reffered to dark skin black women as roaches.  Cardi has tresponded:

‘And all that bullshit ya keep bringing up about my past that ya have brung up 109 times in the past 2 years .IM NOT APOLOGIZING AGAIN 4 IT .I already did & I have grow.I don’t gotta prove shit my actions been speaking loud.If it didn’t cancel me b4 it deff ain’t today. Have FUN.’

Cardi B Exposed

I have called myself a roach twice .I never used as a color thing .Where I’m from we call dusty bitches roaches ,or a begging bitch ,or hood rat the same as burnt it don’t have nothing to do wit your color it just mean you wash .If people interpreted wrong then I’m sorry

she posted on her twitter account

Cardi B Exposed Troll Account Twitter Reacts

‘I see #CardiBIsOverParty is trending. Are we finally gonna talk about how she thinks a great type or revenge is putting trans women’s lives at risk by tricking men into sleeping with trans women to humiliate them for doing so? Or we just gonna let that slide?’

Cardi B Exposed

‘ Don’t worry @iamcardib, having an “over party” just means you’re doing something right & they’re scared of your success. Love you!!!!!! #CardiBIsOverParty’

Cardi B Exposed

Since we’re on the topic of cardi b and s*xual assault lets talk about how cardi dr*gged & robbed men and it goes unnoticed. #CardiBIsOverParty #cancelcardi



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