Bobrisky Arrested for Naira Abuse?

Bobrisky Arrested for Naira Abuse?

With rumors swirling and social media ablaze, we separate fact from fiction and analyze the potential consequences for this polarizing figure.

Bobrisky, real name Idris Okuneye, found themselves in hot water for allegedly tearing it up with banknotes during a film premiere in Lagos, as the BBC learned from the authorities.

They said Bobrisky was “spraying” cash, which means flinging it into the air as a show of appreciation.


This act of “spraying” is a big deal at Nigerian weddings and celebrations, even though technically, it’s not allowed because the notes end up on the ground, getting stepped on. While you could end up in jail for up to six months for this, it’s rare for anyone to actually get prosecuted.

When did the alleged crime take place? Bobrisky Arrested for Naira Abuse?

Last month, at the premiere of Ajakaju, a film by actress and producer Eniola Ajao that everyone was eagerly waiting for, Bobrisky allegedly made it rain money at the Film One Circle Mall.

Bobrisky Arrested for Naira

The videos from the event blew up on social media, ramping up the pressure on the powers that be to do something about it.

Bobrisky, with a whopping following of over five million on Instagram, hasn’t spoken out about this yet.

Dele Oyewale, a spokesperson from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), spilled to the BBC that they’re planning to bring Bobrisky to court as soon as they wrap up their investigation, though he didn’t say when that would be.

In a similar vein, actress Oluwadarasimi Omoseyin faced six months behind bars for spraying and stepping on fresh naira notes back in February.

Previous controversy

In 2021 Bobriskys lifestyle came under scrutiny by The National Council for Arts and Culture’s Director-General. Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, urged parents to teach their children about African cultures and values to help them grow into responsible adults. Speaking in Abuja, he stressed the importance of guidance in ensuring children adopt the right attitudes towards marriage, procreation, moral decency, and respect for elders.

Runsewe criticized the lifestyle of Lagos-based  Bobrisky, calling him a negative influence on Nigerian and African cultural values. According to Runsewe, the social media personality is a bad example and a disgrace to Nigeria. Advocating for an end to his controversial behavior.

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