Beyoncé Insulted On Song For Bollywood Film

Beyoncé is a household name. Wether your a fan or not, your bound to have heard a song of hers. Here fame is global with loyal fans. However this week a song insulting Beyoncé and darker skinned women has been unearthed. In a song titled Beyoncé sharma jayegi (Beyoncé will feel shy). there is a particularly colourist line which states:

“Tujhe dekh ke gpriya, Beyonce sharma jayegi”

Which roughly translates to ‘after looking at you fair woman Beyoncé will feel shy’.


It can be argued that the line is a dig at Beyonce’s popular hit ‘Brown skin girl. However instead of impowering darker skinned women who are rarely praised in media. This song compares fairer skin as more attractive.

After receiving backlash the song titled was lazy changed to ‘Beyonse Sharma Jayegi’

Director Maqbool Khan said, “Since our lyrical arrangement did not go well with few people, we thought why not keeping the essence same while changing the song a little bit.”

Beyonce Insulted On Song For Bollywood FilmTwitter Reacts

Many were outraged by the song and took to twitter.

‘These Bollywood Industry now is literally out of sense. Think twice before saying something.Where @Beyonce 💗is fighting for the racism and making it normalised and these videos lyrics saying (Beyoncé Sharma jayegi) such a stupidest meaning of song ever heard

‘One woman tweeted: okay are they complimenting queen Bey or dissing her? I’m hella confused RN😕 ‘

Another person tweeted:

‘So…Bollywood has released a song in which one of the lines roughly translates as ‘after seeing your fair skin girl, Beyonce will be ashamed’ – it was mimed by actor #IshaanKhatter who appeared in the BBC’s A Suitable Boy

#BeyonceSharmaJayegi #bollywoodsowhite

The stars publicist or the star herself have yet to comment. However due to copyright of the stars name, distribution of the song will be limited.

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