Azealia Banks Cat Resurrection Shocks Fans

Azealia Banks Cat has been in slot of twitter users thoughts, after being dug up by the star. In a clip posted on Azealia’s Instagram, she is seen digging up her deceased pet. She can heard saying :

“The cat is in the bag!” she pulled a dirt covered bag from the ground, which allegedly held the cat’s body.

She’s also heard saying ‘she wants the cat brought back to life!’

Azealia captioned the video: “Lucifer 2009 – 2020. My Dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve.”

Azealia Banks Cat

After digging up her feline friend she then proceeds to boil it, mortifying her following. No word on how her pet met its maker and her accomplice in the video also remains a mystery. Azealia has since removed all trace of the bizarre ordeal, but not before screen shots has been made.

Social media users flocked to twitter to share what they had witnessed.


Azealia Banks Cat Resurrection Shocks Fans

‘Boiling her dead cat’s skeleton so that she can take remnants of it with her because she is moving is arguably one of the least offensive things Azealia Banks has ever done.’

‘every time i see azealia banks trending i just know it’s gonna be something insane’

‘i’ll never forgive y’all for giving azealia banks a platform’


‘Azealia digging up her dead cat and cooking it while African music plays in the background is literally just setting up more xenophobia towards Africans from the already xenophobic Americans even though Azealia is American.’

‘WARNING- if you are triggered by images of cruelty to animals scroll past anything to do with Azealia Banks today.’

‘I open twitter, I see Azealia Banks trending, I close twitter’

‘So Azealia really jumped from body shaming women who are@more successful than her to EATING HER FUCKING DEAD CAT’

The general consensus is disgust all round.


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