Armie Hammer Messages Exposed! Twitter reacts

Armie Hammer messages have allegedly been leaked online. The ‘call me by your name’ actor has been trending after private messages leaked on twitter. Many of the messages put Armie’s character into question. The source of the leak has alleged to have been romantically linked to the actor. The messages aren’t all too convinceing and in my opinion fake.

Armie Hammer messages

The messages are explicit in content and of sexual nature. Armie has yet to comment on the bizarre messages. In the past Armie has been know to deactivate his twitter account, after a clip of him dancing went viral. He said at the time :

‘Anytime I would open up my Twitter, it was just a ton of that,’ he said, ‘and I was like, ‘Nope, I can’t have my nose rubbed in this anymore. I’m out!”

Armie Hammer Messages Exposed! Twitter reacts

‘just saw why Armie Hammer was trending. 2021, can you fucking chill even a tiny amount?’

‘Armie Hammer potentially being a cannibalistic deviant aside, “Michael Phelps of f***ing” is the funniest pickup line’

‘I just checked why armie hammer is trending and I don’t know how much more of this I can take’

Many are uncertain as to whether the DMs were legitimate and queried the credibility. It seems Armie is another actor that has fallen victim to a bored tik tok users and their vivid imagination.