Alexis Skyy Fight With Ari ? – Twitter Reacts

Alexis skyy fight with Ari has caused a lot of Speculation.

Alexis sky is rumoured to have been involved in an altercation with Ari, involving weapons. There is no evidence of a fight ever taking place. Further more the pair have yet to acknowledge the allegations.

Update! 27/5/20 Alexis posted the following to her instagram stories: ‘What is everyone talking about? I woke up to some false news’

Alexis Skyy vs Ari Twitter Reacts

‘where’s the sense in blowin up my timeline over Alexis Skyy and Ari throwin hands, guns, and knives if not a single soul amongst y’all finna drop the video footage? stop playin’ with me?!!!’

Alexis skyy fight

‘ So Ari and Alexis Sky fought? Somebody got stabbed? Somebody pulled a gun? Where is the visual representation of this shit actually happening!? 👀 ‘

‘ I see a lot of people saying Ari and Alexis Skyy fought but I ain’t seeing no proof of it, where the video at y’all?’

‘ Alexis Skyy fight? I would like to see it’

‘ I really hope someone recorded this Alexis sky and Ari beef because we’ve been waiting to see this 😩🤣’

Alexis skyy fight

Alexis sky and Ari have had a feud for many years. In early February 2020 the two engaged a Twitter spat:

Skyy wrote, “Y’all insecure that much it’s sad … I can do wtf I want with my hair nails clothes. Y’all got these evil demons on ya. But that’s why I’ll always forever will be blessed and favored cause I have no hate in my heart.”

Ari responded, saying, “Don’t flatter yourself! I wasn’t even talking about you but you do fit. You like my style is okay. Don’t let these fans gas you. Paved the way? PAVED THE F*CKING WAY FOR WHO? $3500 could never get me in the club.”

The exchange of words escalated with Ari mentioning Alexis daughters condition.


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